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Decades of innovations.


PRIMATECH designs and manufactures high performance wood flooring tools with a variety of enhancement accessories for all types of contracting jobs. The company puts a heavy emphasis on R&D and field testing so as to offer superior value for an optimal cost of ownership.

With a vision to support the advancement of the flooring trade’s best practices, Primatech also contributes to a number of professional organisations. For the past three decades, Primatech has lead the parade with innovations in both manual and pneumatic fastening tools such as the jam-free multi-strike mechanism, the auto-regulating Primpact striking module, the high capacity LoadXtend magazines, the PrimSurfer roller base and the advanced design NG nail.

In a context of sustainable development and the constant introduction of new flooring products, Primatech is positioned as a valued partner for the manufacturers as well as the wood flooring contractors.

Customer Testimonials

Primatech has revolutionized my trade.
– Adam Valentate, Tate Flooring

The speed at which I can install [gym] floors has at least doubled and the learning curve for new employees is half of the time.
– Jon Simons, Titan Hardwood Inc.

I find that I can install 15-20% faster than I could with my old Nailer.
– Forrest Jolliffe, FHT Contracting Ltd

Very little maintenance and the ability to nail closer to the walls than the competition is a huge benefit.
– Tyler Giesbrecht, Hardwood Perfection

The ease of use is amazing compared to the other guns. Which means I can get more done without being as tired at the end of the day.
– Jake Turner, Sirius Hardwood Flooring

Can rack about one inch from nailed in rows. Consequently, we can rack more rows and do them more accurately.
– Harold Jolliffe, Wolf Tree Enterprises

What is Primpact?


Offers reliability, extended performance and an unequaled smoothness of operation.

Reduced wear effect and quick interchangeability of PRIMPACT engines between same generation units.
High-speed action and few moving parts, for a powerful yet soft stroke, a shorter air-saving cycle and increased precision.
Short nose and compact valve design provide an all-around striking surface and enable the nailing of more boards (4 1/2” closer) to the end walls.
Finely threaded screw-in cartridge assembly for precision, easy on-site dismantling and durability.