G100 DIY Glue Applicator


Primatech G100 DIY Glue Applicator


Hot Melt Glue APPLICATOR for Hardwood Flooring

The PRIMATECH PRIMSTICK G100 is a powerful, high quality glue gun that every professional flooring contractor or installer should own. When used with PRIMSTICK G060 OR G180 adhesives, you can bond virtually any material in an indoor setting. The system is ideal for attaching hardwood starter rows and transitions, carpet tack strips to concrete, as well as transition strips, carpet bubble repair, vinyl cove base, ceramic repair and much more!

The PRIMATECH G100 is an easy to use 1/2” stick gun that works great with the PRIMSTICK adhesives. The large ergonomic trigger and built in stand are great features for the floor covering trade. The G100 uses a 3mm nozzle (5mm option available) and is preset to 392º F, the perfect temperature for PRIMSRICK to achieve maximum bond strength.


  • Secure Start and Finish rows
  • Repair hollow spots
  • Insert replacement boards
  • Set transitions

Benefits of using the adhesive for the wood flooring installer:

  • Less waiting
  • More productivity
  • No exposure to toxic fumes
  • Holds fast on all concrete or wood subfloors
  • Smooth and Easy application
  • Quick as a Wink curing

Other features

  • High adjustable temperature up to 428° F
  • Powerful 220 Watt heating element
  • Fast activation, ready for use in under 5 minutes
  • Stretch carpet fast with no odor or fumes
  • Designed for continuous use without delays
  • For 1/2″ diameter sticks

Includes Glue Applicator G100, Carrying Case, PRIMATECH Nozzle and 3.0 mm General Purpose Nozzle

G100 Spec Sheet PDF