510AL DIY Manual Nailer


Primatech 510AL DIY Manual


primatech_tools-expert-250-GYM-250FT_20062014_v1_053/8’’ to 5/8’’ (10 to 16mm)


Primatech 510 single-strike manual nailer with a varied base plate configuration and a built-in tapping block installs 3/8’’ to 5/8’’ (10 to 16mm) solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

The 510 base plate can be adjusted for different flooring profiles.

Its flexibility and light weight make this tool the all-purpose basic tools for average size installations.

Configurable to accept 18ga L nails 1 ¼’’ – 1 ½’’ (32 – 38mm).

Main features of the 510A Version

  • For solid hardwood and engineered flooring
  • Manual nailer, single strike
  • Fixed base
  • Adapter plates and fine-tuning shims
  • L 18ga nails 1¼’’ – 1½’’
  • Low maintenance
  • Supplied with 2.5 lbs mallet