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The choice of fastening method of hardwood floors is important to give solid wood floor long term serviceability and the freedom to repeatedly obey natural cycles of expansion and contraction, conserving fastener’s long term stability into sub-floor and aesthetic features. The nail-down method is recognized, by world’s flooring Professionals, as the most convenient, given the nature of real wood. It is also appropriate to fasten good engineered flooring products, as well as some bamboo flooring. It meets Architects and Interior Designers expectations.

Primatech is the specialized Canadian Manufacturer of quality Fasteners for Hardwood flooring. Primatech is the manufacturer with the most innovative Research & Development Programme. The Brand offers nails and tools in all industry formats, manual and pneumatic.

Primatech flooring Nailers and Nails will enable any installer, Professional or DIY, to consistently produce quality works, with precision and regularity.